Is Probus Quad being sold globally?

Yes, Probus Quad is being offered globally through Indiegogo platform.

Which phone models are compatible with Probus Quad?

Currently, Probus Quad works on Android phones with Android 4.3.4 and above & iPhone 4 and above.

Is Probus Quad compatible with iPhone?

Yes, Probus Quad is compatible with iOS.

How do I use Probus Quad as a presentation remote?

To use Probus Quad as a presentation remote, your laptop must be running on Windows 8.0 and above. Open your laptop's Bluetooth, search, and add Probus Quad. When your presentation is on full-screen mode, you can use Probus Quad to move your slides through single and double clicks. You can move to the next slide by single click and return to the previous slide by double clicking Probus Quad.

Do I need to keep the Bluetooth of my phone always ON for using Probus Quad?

Yes, you need to keep your phone's Bluetooth ON as long as you are using Probus Quad with Probus Quad App. Probus Quad connects with your phone over a secured Bluetooth connection. This connection is encrypted and safe. Probus Quad runs on Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth 4.0) protocol and uses negligible power. Ideally, Bluetooth low-energy devices can run for more than a year using a button cell of 210mAh capacity. Since the compatible phones also use the same protocol, the battery drainage is minimum.

What is the battery capacity of Probus Quad?

Probus Quad uses an in-built lithium ion battery of capacity 1100mAh.

How much charge will be provided by the Powerbank feature of Probus Quad?

Probus Quad can charge a standard 3000mAh phone battery to up to 30%, running on full charge.

Is Probus Quad waterproof?

No, Probus Quad is not waterproof. If Probus Quad comes in contact with water, it is recommended to switch it OFF and dry it before switching it ON.

What is Probus Quad made of?

Probus Quad uses fire retardant polycarbonate material for its enclosure. The USB cables are made of TPE rubber.

When are you going to start shipping?

Shipping starts from June 30th and will be done in the order of bookings received. If you book early, your shipment will be amongst the first to be dispatched.

What is the standard warranty cover for Probus Quad?

Probus Quad is covered through hardware repair coverage, under its standard limited warranty cover of 1 year.